Our trained staff provides you with the desired goods at short notice and offers professional advice. Even for special tasks, our experienced employees look for efficient solutions in a personal consultation at any time.

Customers benefit from our many years of experience, which is reflected in expert advice and professional solution concepts.

HBS service offerings include:

Transportation of gas, diesel and heavy oil

Take advantage of our transport capacities in the port of Hamburg and our network outside to beyond the country's borders. By bunker boat and tank truck, we organize and manage almost all transport orders of fuels.

Carrying out oil analyses

Ölanalysen bzw. deren Ergebnisse sind ein wichtiger Indikator zur Beurteilung des Zustandes von Maschinen/Motoren. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Labor der Shell liefern wir Ihnen einen Komplettservice: von der Bereitstellung der Musterutensilien, über den Versand bis hin zur Ergebnis-Dokumentation.


The scheduling of tank farm supplies, shipping company-related bunker orders, or special cases typical of shipping is one of our strengths. Take advantage of our experience.

Advice on lubricants, oils and fuels

You will find detailed information here soon.



We offer customers from the shipping industry a wide range of needs-based products


Diesel fuel according to DIN EN 590

  • MGO (Marine Gasoil)
  • MDF (Marine Diesel Fuel)
  • MFO (Marine Fuel Oil )
  • HEL (fuel oil)


All lubricants from SHELL Deutschland GmbH.

Please contact our Lubricating Oil Team: Mr. Jens MartensMr. André Wendt or Mr. David Sichma.

Enclosed you can download our Shell grade program as PDF as well as a useful Shell Marine Lubricant Manual as PDF.


Marine supplies

  • Filter
  • Engine oil, hydraulic systems, cooling systems, transmission systems, drinking water systems, etc. Originals or equivalents. Delivery within one day, if available from the manufacturer, or directly from our warehouse.
  • Electrical goods
  • Flashlights, light bulbs of all kinds, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. (here we cooperate with a well-known electrical wholesaler).
  • Paints & Painting Supplies
  • all qualities related to shipping, brushes, thinner, masking tape, sandpaper, etc...
  • Cleaning products
  • Cleaning rags, Pril, toilet cleaner, toilet paper, etc.
  • Ship cleaner, etc.
  • Petroleum (e.g. for cleaning purposes)
  • Prohibition signs of any kind (e.g. "No smoking!")
  • Tools
  • Scrubbing brush, broom
  • Windshield wiper
  • Starter/utility batteries, high-frequency chargers (gentle, supportive charging of batteries), mono cells, mignon cells, etc.
  • Hoses for any medium
  • Cordage
  • Pumps
  • Spare parts


We provide you with all types of rescue equipment such as.

  • Fully automatic life jackets (Secumar, Kadematic)
  • Life rings n. Solas
  • Rescue light
  • RW Spare Parts

Furthermore, as a licensed partner of Secumar and Kadematic, we take care of the maintenance of life jackets and life rafts.